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Why Hypnosis?

With the power of hypnosis, you can achieve things that you never thought were possible.

The power of hypnosis can be harnessed to make positive changes in your life due to two key concepts:

Homeostasis: While we may desire an emotional change or behavioral modification in some way, our deeper nature seeks out preservation of what is familiar and automatic (aka a subconscious resistance to change). Even though we may work to create and implement plans we have to change our lives and we understand how important it is to change certain behaviors, the concept of homeostasis says that we subconsciously seek to maintain the status quo.

Neuroplasticity:  Many studies have shown that our brains have the ability to change throughout a person’s life based on our thinking, beliefs, and experiences. The tools of hypnotherapy, such as therapeutic imagery and NLP work with our subconscious mind and give it the flexibility needed to overcome homeostasis and release our internal resistance to change.

Think of a Hypnotherapist as a Life Coach for the Subconscious Mind! I invite you to call or message me for a free consultation to explore whether hypnotherapy might be right for you. 

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