A Quantum Hypnotic Alignment session is a transformational way to learn more about who you truly are as an eternal being, and to begin the process of deep inner healing by releasing blocked and trapped energies from the physical and energetic bodies.

We begin each session by working through the body to locate and remove any low-frequency energies or anything that may be creating blockages in your energetic field. This could be traumas from this lifetime or past lifetimes, limiting beliefs or negative thought patterns that are engrained in the energetic field within the body.

Once we have cleared as much of these energies as possible during your session, we will journey to the center of you, to the root cause of the issue you’d like to shift in your life.

The cause of this issue may arise from this life or past lives.

This is a powerful healing journey that will leave you refreshed and feeling much lighter as stagnant energy is released so you can fully step into your life’s purpose

During this transformational healing session, I will guide you through an induction where we will invite your guides and your team of light to join us on this powerful healing journey

This part of the session uses the same techniques I use in a Quantum Hypnotic Alignment session to bring you where you need to be to connect with your guides and receive this powerful healing energy. 

During the session, you will not need to speak, only sit back and relax and allow the amazing energy to flow through your body.

We will clear trapped energy, release blockages and receive powerful healing energy.

As we work through the body, we will focus on clearing, balancing, and aligning the chakras, upgrading dormant DNA, releasing any past life connections that can be released, releasing any soul contracts that are no longer serving you, and clearing out and releasing any trauma energy that can be released from the body.

We are not only working to release any trapped energy, but we are raising your vibration and frequency during the session.