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Human Design

Sacred Coaching For Women

Let's Get Clear and Make Magic Happen...

Although as women we all deeply desire to be ourselves and to make our unique contribution to the world, the conditioning we experience growing up can make it difficult to to know who we truly are and what we’re genuinely here to contribute to the world. Sometimes we need someone to hold space and guide us while we undo the beliefs and behaviors that are keeping us from living the life we truly desire.

I offer a variety of sacred coaching  programs that are tailored specifically to you and will allow you to explore, release, and heal whatever beliefs, emotions, or behaviors are holding you back from experiencing your best, most authentic, joyful, and vibrant life!

These programs range in length from 6 weeks to 6 months.


In an EM Sacred Feminine Coaching session, Elenique Marie will utilize your Human Design chart as the foundation and roadmap to assist in the exploration of any goals or challenges you may be facing in your life.

EM Sacred Feminine Coaching combines Human Design, Hypnotherapy, and Divine Feminine inner work to transform whatever confusion, overwhelm, or traumas are keeping you from stepping into your strength and taking action on your dreams. 

This unique coaching methodology allows you to:

  • Let go of limiting beliefs, fears, and conditioning that are holding you back from experiencing the life you truly desire
  • Realign your self more deeply and fully with your authentic Design and your capacity to evolve and thrive no matter what’s going on around you
  • Rewrite the meanings and stories you are telling yourself about your life so that you can create a story that empowers, enlivens, and propels you into the beautiful and exciting future you know is possible.
  • Reclaim your own authority so that you are always able to know what is right and best for you.

EM Sacred Relationships Program

  • Are you ready to create Intimacy, Deep Mutual Respect, Romance, Desire, Divine Love, and Safety in your relationship?
  • Are you ready to go past the Blocks, Limitations, and Fears that are keeping you from activating your relationship’s true potential?
  • Can you imagine knowing what true love looks and feels like in everyday life!
  • Can you imagine feeling confident that you are deeply loved and supported in the joy, safety, passion, and intimacy of a committed marriage for the rest of your life!

In this program we will uncover the narrative you’re telling yourself that is keeping you stuck in disappointing and unsatisfying relationships.

We will remove the blocks and confusion around relationships and love and help you stop wondering why you don’t have the romance and love you’ve always dreamed of.

Get ready to start living in the LOVE of a secure, loving union. 

Did you know that it only takes ONE person to create the energy that’s right for your dreams to come true and that person is YOU!

If you want the relationship you’ve always dreamed of, then I invite you to invest in yours and cultivate the spiritual, energetic, and mental shifts that will allow this to unfold.

Relationships are the foundation for success and happiness in our lives.

I invite you to take this chance to learn all the keys for creating a Sacred Relationships, one that will exceed all your dreams.

If you’re reading this, you’re ready!

Quantum Energy Healing


During this transformational healing session, you will lie down and close your eyes, and we will begin with some deep breathing and full-body relaxation to allow you to become comfortable and fully relaxed.

I will guide you through a beautiful induction where we will invite your guides and your team of light to join us on this powerful healing journey. This part of the session uses the same techniques I use in a Quantum Hypnotic Alignment session to bring you where you need to be to connect with your guides and receive this powerful healing energy.

As we work through the body, we will focus on clearing, balancing, and aligning the chakras, upgrading dormant DNA, releasing any past life connections that can be released, releasing any soul contracts that are no longer serving you, and clearing out and releasing any trauma energy that can be released from the body.

This session may not release everything you are holding onto in the body, but we will be able to release a lot. You may decide later to try a full Quantum Hypnotic Alignment session where we can focus more on your individual issues to help you heal and release even more trapped energy from the body.

As we move further into the session, we will ask the guides to do a full-body scan and focus on releasing any additional energy that may be trapped in the body, any blockages, or anything that is holding you back that can be released.

While work on each of these sections, your guides will be flooding the body full of beautiful healing light to fill up any space where energy was released. We want to make sure you are nice and bright and full of light.

We are not only working to release any trapped energy, but we are raising your vibration and frequency during the session to bring about long lasting emotional and spiritual healing and positive change.

Quantum Hypnotic Alignment

How can a Quantum Hypnotic Alignment Session Help You?

A Quantum Hypnotic Alignment session is a transformational way to learn more about who you truly are as an eternal being, and to begin the process of deep inner healing by releasing blocked and trapped energies from the physical and energetic bodies.

We begin each session by working through the body to locate and remove any low-frequency energies or anything that may be creating blockages in your energetic field. This could be traumas from this lifetime or past lifetimes, limiting beliefs or negative thought patterns that are engrained in the energetic field within the body.

Once we have cleared as much of these energies as possible during your session, we will journey to the center of you, to the root cause of the issue you’d like to shift in your life.

The cause of this issue may arise from this life or past lives.

Not all sessions will visit past lives. You may require extra healing during your session and that is the most important part of the work we do. As we release trapped energies, we will then work to balance and align your chakras and energy systems. We will flood your system with pure source light to begin the healing process. These sessions are very powerful.

                                     CONNECT WITH YOUR HIGHER SELF AND SPIRIT GUIDES

When you connect to your higher self, that higher consciousness which guides your life, we can dive even deeper into important questions regarding your health and general life questions. The higher self is all-knowing and can help you put the pieces together so you can begin to make long lasting and powerful change in your life.

Your higher-self will scan your body and assist you in bringing healing energy into the places where negative energy and low vibrations may be causing you issues.It’s an amazing experience that brings healing in so many ways – physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional. This journey will help you understand even more about what makes you who you are. You will find that it becomes much easier to let go of what is no longer serving you after a session as we work to release any fear and resistance you may be holding within. 

This is a powerful healing journey that will leave you refreshed and feeling much lighter as stagnant energy is released so you can fully step into your life’s purpose

"You're greatest power comes from knowing who you truly are and living from that place."

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