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Group Programs and Events

Group Programs

Several times a year we offer group programs, events, and workshops. To receive further details on when these occur, join us here so we can keep in touch.

Group Programs


There’s nothing more special than coming together with women and creating and holding a space that allows them to leave behind limiting stories and beliefs and step into their authentic power.

I offer personalized retreats and workshops where I teach women how to relinquish guilt, elevate their frequency, manifest the life they desire, and shine their light.

These sessions will allow you to experience the vibrational shifts that facilitate true transformation during the joyful and challenging experiences of womanhood.

"Working with Elenique has helped me grow in so many ways. She helped me conquer my test anxiety, lose weight, and finally meet the partner I've been looking for."

– P.S.

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I’d love to help you discover which of our services is right for you. Contact me so we can figure it out together. I look forward to getting to know you!

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