Does Hypnosis Really Work?

In this video I’ll answer one of the most common questions I receive from viewers: Does Hypnosis Really Work? Spoiler alert, it does!

What Are You Feeding Your Mind?

In a world that seems obsessed with what’s in the food we’re eating, there seems to be little concern for the quality of what we are feeding our minds. In this short video I explore how what we are consuming with our senses is as important as what we consume physically.

What Are We Feeding Our Minds?

In a world that’s obsessed with what’s in the food we eat, there seems to be little concern for the quality of what we consume with our minds. Most of spend hours in front of technology, consuming information at an unprecedented rate. Yet often this content is received passively without much concern for how it […]

New Year, New Mind

Happy 2022! It’s incredible that here we are again at the beginning of a fresh new year with all the promise that this brings. This is a time for planting the seeds that will grow into a new and improved version of ourselves in the Spring and Summer. As the earth lies dormant in anticipation […]

Are Your Memories Serving You?

In this video I explore why memories are not as reliable as we might think. This allows us to rethink the beliefs that we hold, especially the memories and beliefs that are holding us back. By knowing how memory works, we can begin to change our minds in order to create more joy, peace, and […]

Why is it so hard to change?

Most of us have desperately tried to change something about ourselves during the course of our lives and found it almost impossible. Despite our best efforts and will power, we end of failing. In this video I’ll explain the main reason why this happens and how hypnosis can help you reach the goals and make […]